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Historic sites near Captain Howey Hotel

St. Nicholas's Church


New Romney, nestled within the Cinque Ports, has a rich maritime history. Once a bustling port town,
the very spot where St. Nicholas's Church now stands was once its bustling harbor. Remnants of this maritime past
endure, such as a mooring ring still visible by the Church.
Founded in 1086 by Bishop Odo, the brother-in-law of William the Conqueror, St. Nicholas's Church stands as a
testament to centuries of history. For those visiting New Romney, taking a step back in time to explore this
historic site is highly recommended. Please remember to check the church's opening hours online before your visit.

St Thomas Beckett Church


Located 7.8 miles from the hotel, St. Thomas Beckett Church is a charming destination worth exploring. Nestled
in a picturesque field, it's separated by a tranquil watercourse, offering a serene setting to observe sheep grazing
and soak in the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.